Canned Pineapple

Vietnam is a humid tropical monsoon country, the northern mountainous midland region of Vietnam with low hills and valleys next to small rivers and streams is very suitable for growth and development of the Queen Pineapple variety - pineapple for large yields. This is also considered the king of pineapples. Because, the taste of Queen Pineapple is extremely special, conquering all tastes of people enjoying in Asia, Europe. In particular, this type of pineapple is favored in regions with tropical and temperate climates such as Russian Federation, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Finland,... From that fact, pineapple material areas have yield Viet Nam's large provinces are located in the provinces of Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Giang, Ninh Binh, Bao Son and Bac Giang with thousands of hectares, produced under VIETGAP standards. In the Russian Federation, Vietnam is the second largest supplier of pineapple, reaching over 80 million dollars a year. We want to improve product quality and preservation time, especially the desire to share the best Vietnamese specialties to the world, so we have invested in manufacturing and processing factories in Ninh Binh with an area of 2ha, capacity of 4,000 containers/year and a material area with an area of thousands of hectares in Dong Giao and Ninh Binh.

No Type Packing
1 Queen pineapple (Slices) 580 ml 24 cans/carton
2 Queen pineapple (Pieces) 580 ml 24 cans/carton
3 Queen pineapple (Slices) 850 ml 12cans/carton
4 Queen pineapple (Pieces) 850 ml 12 cans/carton