About us

VNPLUS is a company that focuses on producing, distributing and exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to many countries. Our strong product must be mentioned as pepper and coffee - two product lines with the world's leading output in Vietnam. With a large number and top quality standards from the Central Highlands, especially in Buon Ma Thuot - Dak Lak, we have been gradually promoting our agricultural products with high quality to international friends. We have built up a system of potential customers in countries around the world, and our strongest market is Russia. About pepper Middle East is our main market. In addition to supplying raw materials to major partners, we are proud of the international standard factory processing system for famous brands in the Russian Federation and some Middle East countries. With a modern factory and high quality human resources, we take care of finished products for all brands under the agreement and the standards set out to bring the highest benefits to customers and help them to create the finished product to consumers quickly. We want to aim at fairness in trade, sharing agricultural resources from the largest material area to all countries, even if we do not own agricultural land for coffee and pepper, we also enjoy The same benefits. We are willing to cooperate and exchange experience as a leading country in pepper and coffee production in the world.


  • Bringing the best quality raw materials, the price according to the international standard frame in a fair manner in quantity to meet the actual needs of each market.
  • Bringing to all the people in the world a quality agricultural product from Vietnam.
  • Bringing finished products manufactured in Vietnam to consumers worldwide.